• Who is MUT Reserve and why should I choose you?
    MUT Reserve was created by Madden content creators @TheTexasBoy91 and @KliquidTV. We were both disappointed in a few of the MUT coin services that we had previously been associated with due to their less-than-honest business practices. Rather than try to find a new MUT coin web site to advertise, we decided to go the route of creating our own.

    The goal of MUT Reserve is to create an honest and trustworthy place for MUT players to purchase in-game items such as coins, players and training, while providing content creators with a way to be compensated for their work of advertising our products and services.
  • How Do I Buy Coins?
    Step 1:
    Pick what platform you would like to purchase coins on (Playstation 4, Xbox One or PC) next you need to select the amount you would like to buy.

    Step 2:
    Go into you MUT Binder and find a player that is auctionable that you want us to purchase. You want to chose a player that has no value to your team like a Silver or Gold Item. Then type the player's name inside the box so that way we know what card we need to purchase.

    Step 3:
    Fill out the payment information & check out using our secure payment gateway.

    Step 4:
    Load up Madden on your console and go to the auction house. List the player your found earlier that you are okay parting ways with (preferably not a player of any value) for the amount of coins you are purchasing (If you don't have a card you can buy one for 500 coins from the MUT Store). Example: if you are purchasing 300,000 coins that is what the buy now of the card should be. Also be sure to post the card for 24 hours.

    Step 5:
    Once the Order is paid for we will purchase the card that you have posted to the auction house within 1 to 10 minutes and the coins will be on your Madden Ultimate Team account.
  • How Do I Buy Training Points?
    Step 1

    Select the amount of Training Points you wish to purchase and submit your order.

    Step 2

    Find worthless (low overall) PLAYER item(s) in your Madden Ultimate Team item binder. You may need more than one Player item depending on the amount of training that you purchased. See the chart below:

    450 Training Points: ONE (1) Player item
    640 Training Points: ONE (1) Player item
    900 Training Points: ONE (1) Player item
    1,300 Training Points: ONE (1) Player item
    1,800 Training Points: ONE (1) Player item
    2,500 Training Points: ONE (1) Player item
    3,100 Training Points: TWO (2) Player items
    3,600 Training Points: TWO (2) Player items
    5,000 Training Points: ONE (5) Player item
    6,100 Training Points: FIVE (5) Player items
    7,200 Training Points: FOUR (4) Player items
    10,000 Training Points: TWO (2) Player items
    14,400 Training Points: EIGHT (8) Player items

    Step 3:
    Select the player(s) and choose to place that player on the TRADE BLOCK for a time of 3 DAYS.

    Step 4:
    Open the MUT Reserve Live Chat located in the bottom-left corner of the MUT Reserve website.

    Step 4:
    Enter your name and order number (you'll find this in the email or text message you received with your order) into the live chat. Let the chat representative know that you purchased Training Points.

    NOTE: If live chat is unavailable, you may choose to contact us via Twitter at @mutreserve or via text message at 401-372-7321.

    Step 6:
    Enter the player name(s) and OVR ratings into the live chat. You may choose to send a photo of the player(s) that you placed onto the TRADE BLOCK through the Live Chat feature.

    Step 7:
    Your chat representative will place offers on the player item(s) that you posted on the TRADE BLOCK. Verify that the offer(s) matches what the chat representative identified, then choose to ACCEPT those trades.

    Step 8:
    QUICK SELL the items you received and you will now have the training points added to your account!
  • How Do I Buy A Player?
    Step 1

    Find a worthless (low overall) PLAYER item in your Madden Ultimate Team item binder.

    Step 2

    Type that player's information into your order.

    Step 3

    Select that Player item from your binder and place it on the TRADE BLOCK for 3 DAYS.


    The PLAYER NAME and OVERALL MUST match what you entered in your ORDER, and the item must be listed for 3 DAYS or we will not be able to verify that the item listed is yours.

    Please contact our customer support team using our live chat feature or by emailing support@mutreserve.com if you have any questions regarding this process.

    Step 4
    A member of the MUT Reserve staff will place a TRADE offer on the item you posted to the TRADE BLOCK. Verify that the offer matches the item that you ordered then choose to ACCEPT the trade. You'll now have the item you ordered!
  • Can I Sell You My MUT Coins?
    We will be looking to purchase coins all year long. Be sure to include the console you have coins on, as well as the amount of coins that you are looking to sell. There are a few ways to contact us:

    1) Fill out the sell form on the Sell Your Coins page and one of our employees will reach out to you.

    2) Follow and direct message us on Twitter at either @SellMUTReserve or @MUTReserve where we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    3) Email our customer support at support@mutreserve.com. Our email is monitored at all times and you'll receive a response soon.

    4) Contact us via the live chat in the bottom-left corner of our web site. Live chat is monitored nearly 24/7.

  • What is "Comfort Selling?"
    If you're looking for a quick, safe and easy way to sell all of your coins at our best rates, consider our Comfort Selling option.

    With this option, a member of the MUT Reserve, LLC staff will login to your account via the Madden Companion App and have all of your coins sold within 24 hours. This requires zero effort from you, it's an easy process, and it's the preferred option by our staff. All we need is your game login credentials and we will have your coins sold quickly.

    If this sounds like a great option for you, be sure to mention that you would prefer the COMFORT SELLING option when you speak to a member of our support team.
  • I paid for coins and haven't received them?
    If you haven't received your coins within a timely manner, please don't worry. If you have paid for coins, you will be receiving them - there may just be a slight delay.

    In most cases it’s just simple human error and we couldn't find the card you posted. In cases like this we will contact you via email or on the phone to help you through the process.

    If you haven't heard back from us within an hour of your purchase, please contact us via the Live Chat window in the bottom-left corner of the screen and a member of our team will assist you. Alternatively, you may contact us using one of the following:

    Late-night Orders:

    You may experience some delay with orders placed between the hours of 3:00am - 9:00am EST. Customer service will be in contact with you in the morning and your order will be fulfilled as soon as possible, in the order in which it was received.

  • I'm a Content Creator - Can you Sponsor me?
    We are always looking to sponsor content creators so if you are really interested in working with us the best way would be to Contact one of our owners on twitter @Kliquidtv or @TheTexasBoy91.
  • Can I get Banned?
    While buying MUT coins is technically against the terms of service within the game, actual banishment is extremely rare. There are times when an account will be temporarily "shadow-banned" from the in-game auction house, but even that is rare for accounts that aren't buying and selling coins every day.

    Rest assured that the staff at MUT Reserve follows strict internal company guidelines to ensure the safest transactions for our valued customers. It is in everyone's best interest for your account to be safe and we will do everything that we can to ensure that it is.
  • How do I Contact You?
    We can be reached 24 hours per day, seven days a week at:

  • Do you cover EA auction house tax?
    Because the "EA tax" affects our end of the transaction as well, we cannot cover the EA tax on orders. Instead, we do offer discount codes such as "MUT15" which will give you 15% off on any order you make, thus making up for the coin discrepancy.

    Please note that if you wish to add 1 million coins to your team, you would actually need to purchase 1.1 million in coins, as the in-game auction house "tax" will take 10%, or 100,000 coins in this example.

    Please talk to a MUT Reserve customer support representative if you have any questions.
  • Are you available worldwide?
    Yes, our service is available worldwide on any device.
  • Is my information safe and secure?
    Yes! The security and privacy of our customers is of the utmost importance. All customer information runs through our encrypted web site and your payment information is handled through Shopify, one of the world's largest, most secure online payment processors.
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