Training Points | MUT 22


Training Points | MUT 22

Training Amount:
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How you'll receive your TRAINING:

  1. Find a worthless (low overall) PLAYER item in your Madden Ultimate Team item binder. You may need more than one Player item depending on the amount of training that you purchased. See the chart below:

    110 Training Points: ONE (1) Player item
    160 Training Points: ONE (1) Player item
    230 Training Points: ONE (1) Player item
    340 Training Points: ONE (1) Player item
    490 Training Points: ONE (1) Player item
    710 Training Points: ONE (1) Player item
    1,030 Training Points: ONE (1) Player item
    1,500 Training Points: ONE (1) Player item
    2,180 Training Points: ONE (1) Player items
    4,360 Training Points: TWO (2) Player items
    6,540 Training Points: THREE (3) Player items
    8,720 Training Points: FOUR (4) Player items
    10,900 Training Points: FIVE (5) Player Items
    13,080 Training Points: SIX (6) Player Items
    15,260 Training Points: SEVEN (7) Player Items
    17,440 Training Points: EIGHT (8) Player Items
    19,620 Training Points: NINE (9) Player items
    21,800 Training Points: TEN (10) Player items

  2. Select the Player items from your binder and place them on the TRADE BLOCK for 3 DAYS.

    Open the MUT Reserve Live Chat located in the bottom-left corner of the MUT Reserve website.

  3. Enter your name and order number (you'll find this in the email or text message you received with your order) into the live chat. Let the chat representative know that you purchased Training Points.

    NOTE: If live chat is unavailable, you may choose to contact us via Twitter at @mutreserve or via text message at 401-372-7321.

  4. Your chat representative will place offers on the player item(s) that you posted on the TRADE BLOCK. Verify that the offer(s) matches what the chat representative identified, then choose to ACCEPT those trades.

  5. QUICK SELL the items you received from the trade block and you will now have the training points added to your account!



You may experience some delay with orders placed between the hours of 3:00am - 9:00am EST. Customer service will be in contact with you in the morning and your order will be fulfilled as soon as possible, in the order in which it was received.

Fraud Prevention

In order to prevent potentially fraudulent charges, MUT Reserve, LLC requires identification for large purchases (of over $50). Please note that this will only be required once for each customer and will not be needed for future purchases. In order to process your order, we will need a photo of one off the following forms of photo identification:

  • Driver's license
  • Legal state ID (current or within the past two years if expired)
  • US Passport
  • Tribal ID card
  • College photo ID
  • Military-issued identification card
  • Other forms of ID may be accepted, but will be at the discretion of MUT Reserve, LLC

Note: Photo ID must match the name of the person whose payment source was used to make the purchase. You may cover up any other sensitive information such as photo, date of birth, etc.

Please email the photo of your ID to prior to or directly after your purchase is completed.