Weekend League - 20+ Wins Service | MUT 21


Weekend League - 20+ Wins Service | MUT 21

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What is the "Weekend League - 20+ Wins" Product?

Weekend League is a competitive game mode within Madden 21 Ultimate Team which rewards the top players with prizes based on performance throughout the contest.

The top prizes for finishing near the top of the leaderboard on a given Weekend League event are excellent. However, at MUT Reserve, we understand that not everyone has the time - or the physical ability - to successfully compete at the highest level. That's why we've brought in hired guns to take the stress off of you, the casual MUT player.

Our service guarantees that your account will win at least 20 games for the given Weekend League event.


How Does It Work?

You'll provide your Playstation or Xbox account credentials, then our trusted Weekend League expert will access your Madden Ultimate Team account and complete all of your Weekend League games, winning at least 20 games along the way.

After that, our team member will permanently remove your account credentials and you'll be free to open up your rewards once they arrive from EA.

How Long Does It Take?

Delivery time can vary, but typically we will need a few days to complete the games. During this time we ask that you do not access your account to ensure that our Weekend League expert is not unintentionally booted out mid-game.


What If You Don't Reach 20 Wins?

We understand that your goal with purchasing this product is to finish at or near the top of the leaderboard for Weekend League. That's why we offer a complete money-back guarantee if our expert fails to reach 20 wins.



Please note that purchasing this product does not guarantee service.

Upon submission of your order, our expert will review your team and assess the situation. While our experts are some of the best Madden players in the world, there's sometimes only so much that skill can overcome. That's why we need to guarantee that your MUT team is good enough to win with.

If our expert does not believe that he can provide 20 wins with your team, or if we just don't have any more openings for that weekend's event, then you will be given a full refund.


Your Account Safety

Our experts are trusted members of the Madden community who have been providing these services to the community for years. 

We recommend changing your account password temporarily before we get on your account and then you can change the password back after we are done.



You may experience some delay with orders placed between the hours of 3:00am - 9:00am EST. Customer service will be in contact with you in the morning and your order will be fulfilled as soon as possible, in the order in which it was received.


Fraud Prevention

In order to prevent potentially fraudulent charges, MUT Reserve, LLC requires identification for large purchases (of over $50). Please note that this will only be required once for each customer and will not be needed for future purchases. In order to process your order, we will need a photo of one off the following forms of photo identification:

  • Driver's license
  • Legal state ID (current or within the past two years if expired)
  • US Passport
  • Tribal ID card
  • College photo ID
  • Military-issued identification card
  • Other forms of ID may be accepted, but will be at the discretion of MUT Reserve, LLC

Note: Photo ID must match the name of the person whose payment source was used to make the purchase. You may cover up any other sensitive information such as photo, date of birth, etc.

Please email the photo of your ID to support@mutreserve.com prior to or directly after your purchase is completed.